Air Ambulance

RD Heli & Charters provides highly professional, dedicated and reliable air ambulance service. Our team of Doctors and Paramedical staff are trained at best places around the world and are well versed with systems and processes related to bedside to bedside aero medical transfer in India & worldwide. We offer a wide choice of small and large fleet dedicated air ambulance aircrafts and helicopters that are fully equipped with medical equipments and can be flight ready even on short notice.
In any emergency you can rely on us. We offer aircrafts that can take a patient, a doctor with 2 to 3 family members. Air ambulance services are offered at all the places across including overseas. It is important that there should be a regular Airport or Helipad or even a small runway or helipad nearby where the Aircraft and Helicpoter can land. We offer a wide range of private air ambulances and are able to complete the most demanding medical transport missions, both at home and overseas through specialist knowledge, skills, capability and experience. With an extensive global reach, RD Heli & Charters private ambulance network offers a truly multi-disciplinary rapid response repatriation service and our goal is to provide our clients with the very best services in Medical Repatriation services to assist with patient wellbeing and speedy recovery.

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